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Questions & Answers​

YES!  hundreds of our happy patients can attest to that. The simple, gentle adjustments chiropractic care offers are very effective in the relief of pain.

To help with relief from pain in the event of a car accident or other personal injury, or if you’re experiencing pain from the normal activities of daily living.

A subluxation is a misalignment of the spine that can cause a host of issues ranging from pain and tingling in your hands and feet to digestive, muscular, and nervous system issues. 

A chiropractic adjustment is a gentle procedure by which a chiropractor manipulates the spine to remove and misalignment. The faint “pop” that is often heard is simply oxygen between the joints being released. No differently than cracking ones knuckles. 

Your first visit to the chiropractor will be about helping you understand chiropractic, and how it will help you feel better. You’ll get to know the staff and your chiropractor well before an adjustment is made.