Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is the gentle manipulation of the spine to help alleviate pain and re align the spine. 

When a patient first received an adjustment, they are pleasantly surprised by how pleasant the sensation is. Relief from pain is often instantaneous, but takes many manipulations, and ongoing exercise to make long lasting. 

Therapeutic Exercise

Dr. Davis doesn’t simply adjust patients. His holistic approach also calls for patients to complete exercises between adjustments, to help the body to realign itself by strengthening the muscles nearby and around the affected area. 

These exercises help to alleviate ongoing pain, and will also help to make the changes brought on by chiropractic care longer lasting. These exercises will be the major changing factor to bring you out of pain. 

Personal Injury Rehabilitation

Dr. Davis and his staff are specially trained to help you recover from your injury. From initial insurance claim, to your selection of injury attorney to ongoing therapeutic exercises and state of the art treatment; Dr. Davis and his team will get you back to doing what you love pain free–fast.

With 7 years of serving the Kansas City area as a Personal Injury Rehabilitation Doctor, Dr. Davis will lead you through your personal injury case step by step to make sure you get the care you deserve– both in the examination room, and when filing appropriate paperwork for your claim. 

What Our Clients Have to Say